What is Brnsh?

brnsh is inspired by the ancient Japanese tradition of preserving wood by charring with fire, called Yakisugi (or Shou Sugi Ban). Their proprietary process honors that traditional approach and combines it with modern techniques to consistently create architectural wood cladding that is both beautiful and functional.


Brnsh has developed a truly one-of-a-kind system to produce Yakisugi (Shou Sugi Ban) in a way that is flexible yet consistent. The Brnsh process starts by sourcing the right grade and species of wood from responsible, domestic producers. By fusing traditional and contemporary techniques Brnsh is available in cypress, cedar, or thermally modified white ash in collaboration with Arbor Wood Co. The wood is then sent through our proprietary line where a range of burn, brushing and finish options can be applied to suit different design aesthetics.


The proprietary brnsh true-flame system creates a uniform char on the surface of the wood, often referred to as ‘alligator skin’. This charcoal layer improves the wood’s resistance to pests, rot and fire as well as becoming a natural water barrier and sun shield. This is the classic Yakisugi (Shou Sugi Ban) look.


The brnsh system includes a brushing stage where additional looks are achieved by varying the brush head speed, depth and number of passes to remove the charred charcoal layer and expose the natural wood grain. Note, we’ve also found that brushing the wood even when no burn has been done creates a beautiful aged rustic look.


Applying a finish after the brnsh treatment can further enhance the look and durability of the wood. These finishes can be used to lock in the char and provide added UV protection. Optional added pigment also creates darker or lighter tones and added contrast.

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  • Interior / Exterior capabilities
  • True traditional burn process
  • Various Aesthetic Finishes


  • Siding
  • Fencing
  • Accent Wall


  • Various Species
  • Aesthetic grain
  • Multiple applications
  • Renewable