Full Piece O Sheet

Piece O Sheet

Have you ever wanted to get just a small piece of material to test out on some prototypes or a small project before you invest into a full size sheet? Well now you can. With Piece O Sheet, we partition off pieces of our full size sheets so you can test them out with your project. It saves you the cost of buying an entire sheet and paying for the freight charges. The pieces are available from 1x1′ up to 2x4′

Richlite Paper Composite

Paper Composite Panel

Richlite Company, a manufacturer of paper-based countertops, offers a collection of warm and natural feeling surface materials that breathe new life into the kitchen, bath and office.

Metem Recycled HDPE Panels

High Density Polyethylene

Metem plastics offers a line of recycled high density polyethylene panels in striking bold colors. Made using 100% post consumer recycled plastics, Metem panels boast 8 recycled milk jugs per pound of plastic.

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