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Richlite: Top 7 benefits of this contemporary rainscreen solution

By March 5, 2015 April 16th, 2015 Richlite

Architects and designers in Europe have been using rainscreens as an exterior cladding solution for years. With their appealing aesthetic and high-performing moisture management, it’s no surprise rainscreens are becoming more popular the U.S.

At Intectural, we’re proud to offer a contemporary rainscreen solution from Richlite, the world-leading manufacturer of paper-composite architectural surfaces. A sustainable alternative to other exterior wall paneling or wood, Richlite’s rainscreen material (called Rainshadow) is manufactured to withstand outdoor elements with no maintenance.

Working with architects and designers on numerous contemporary design and exterior cladding projects, we’ve witnessed the advantages of Richlite time and time again.

Private residence with Richlite rainscreen.

Private residence with Richlite rainscreen.


Top 7 reasons to choose Richlite for your rainscreen solution

  1. Richlite is water and weather resistant.
    No need to seal on the face, edges or fastener holes. No finish is required, so it is a maintenance-free exterior cladding.

  1. Richlite is made in the USA.
    Richlite is manufactured in Tacoma, WA, and distributed worldwide. You benefit from fast lead times while also supporting the U.S. economy.

  1. Richlite is a sustainable material.
    Richlite is made from Forest Stewardship Council (FSC)-certified and post-consumer waste paper. It is also manufactured with Richlite’s innovative Waste-to-Energy Technology, which captures solvents left over from the manufacturing process and recycles it back as energy into the heating system. Richlite can also contribute to LEED points.

Hawksboots Manufacturing Facility in Duluth, MN

Hawksboots Manufacturing Facility in Duluth, MN, featuring Richlite exterior cladding.


  1. Richlite is durable.
    Extremely impact resistant, Richlite does not dent like metal or aluminum, and it won’t crack like concrete siding. It also doesn’t expand/contract, warp or rust. The high-performance material has been used by the aerospace and marine industry and as a skate park surface for years.

  1. Richlite is scratch resistant.
    Though it is significantly harder than wood, Richlite – like any material – can be scratched or gouged due to strong force. But Richlite is a through-color panel, which means if the material does become scratched, there will be no difference in color. This is in contrast to many other surfaces, where the scratch shows as a different color then the material.

The Bagley Classroom at UMD

The Bagley Classroom at the University of Minnesota Duluth, featuring Richlite.


  1. Richlite is easy to use.
    Panels can be cut and fixed on site. There are five sizes available that can improve your project yield: 4×8, 4×10, 4×14, 5×10 and 5×12.

  1. Richlite has a natural appearance.
    The material patinas over time and has an inherently natural, seasoned look.

Interested in how Richlite can be applied to your project?
Contact us and we’d be happy to talk with you  more about this sustainable, contemporary design solution. 

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