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How to replace your boat’s transom board with Richlite

Richlite transom board on motor boat

A few months ago, we introduced our new product offering Piece-o-Sheet, which lets you buy small pieces of material for testing/prototyping and small projects. People have been taking advantage of Piece-o-Sheet, and we’re excited to share with you some of their projects.

First up, is a customer who replaced his boat’s transom board with Richlite.

The original wood transom support board on this customer’s boat had rotted and weathered over time. It was not structurally strong and needed to be replaced.

Weathered transom board on motor boat

He chose to make a new transom with Richlite – rather than plywood – because of the material’s strength and durability outdoors. He only needed one 24×12-inch sheet of Richlite, which is why Piece-o-Sheet was such a good fit.

This customer used Richlite r50 from Richlite’s Northwest Collection. R50 is made with fifty percent old corrugated cardboard (post-consumer waste) gathered from recycle bins.

After ordering and receiving his sheet, he traced the original weathered board to the Richlite.

Richlite transom board next to old, rotten wood transom board

Then, he cut it out and drilled mounting holes. The new Richlite board mounted right into the existing holes. He secured it with new stainless fasteners.

Transom board made of Richlite on back of boat
Richlite transom board fastened to stern of motor boat

Now, the boat is water ready once again – right in time for fishing season.

Think you could use Piece-o-Sheet for your next project? Check out our Piece-o-Sheet website or contact us for more info. 

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