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Using Piece-o-Sheet to create a shop stool out of Richlite

By June 30, 2015 July 27th, 2015 case study, piece-o-sheet, Richlite
Finished shop stool

A few months ago, we introduced our new product offering Piece-o-Sheet, which lets you buy small pieces of material for testing/prototyping and small projects. We’re going to be using this blog to feature case studies on how people are using Piece-o-Sheet.

In a previous blog post, we told you about a customer who replaced his boat’s transom board with Richlite. Now, we’d like to share with you another customer who has taken advantage of Richlite Piece-o-Sheet – this time to create shop stools.

Project Goal

Based in Princeton, Minn., Triple Edge Fab is a custom fabrication shop that specializes in engineering, metal fab, welding and finishing services. Its goal was to build shop stools for its metal fabrication shop. The stools needed to be durable enough for everyday shop use but still look finished.

Why Richlite?

Operating a metal fabrication shop, Triple Edge Fab had plenty of excess and drop metal to create the frame. They chose to use Richlite for the seat and kick ring because it is stronger than wood and offers a beautiful finished product.

Why Piece-o-Sheet?

Triple Edge Fab’s project was perfect for Piece-o-Sheet, as they only needed one 48×24″ piece of Richlite – not an entire industrial-sized sheet.

Project Process

Triple Edge Fab made the shop stool legs out of steel tube from saw drop material. They nested and laser cut the seat and kick ring bases from the steel.

Metal stool frame

They then covered the welded frame in black texture powder coat to conceal all metal and help prevent rusting.

Metal stool covered in black texture powder

Richlite Piece-o-Sheet was then nested and CNC routed for the seat and kick ring. CNC routing allowed Triple Edge Fab to make extra cuts on the bottom sides to nest over the frames and hide all metal and fasteners underneath for a much cleaner finished appearance.

Closeup of underneath of shop stool
Finished shop stool from underside
Shop stool made from Richlite

Piece-o-Sheet was a perfect solution for Triple Edge Fab’s project, and they have some pretty awesome chairs to show for it!

Think you could use Piece-o-Sheet for your next project? Check out our Piece-o-Sheet website or contact us for more info. 

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