About Intectural

Based in Duluth, Minnesota, Intectural distributes premium, innovative architectural materials with a commitment to conservation and sustainability. In addition to this distribution arm, Intectural also offers Piece-o-Sheet, which provides small pieces of material for testing/prototyping and small projects. With a high commitment to quality, we only sell products from companies that are leaders in their material fields.

Committed to our customers’ success, Intectural partners with companies that fabricate goods out of our distributed materials. These unique relationships allow for distinctive, hands-on knowledge of material capabilities and machining. We are focused on offering quality sustainable materials with a high level of customer service from our in-house support staff and local representatives in your area.

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Sister companies

Intectural’s sister companies Loll and Epicurean manufacture products using material sold by Intectural. These companies own niche markets: Loll makes modern outdoor furniture from Metem (recycled plastic) and Epicurean makes sustainably sourced wood cutting boards, kitchen utensils, and cooking tools and accessories from Richlite. Together, Intectural, Loll and Epicurean are known as Good Sheet.

Good Sheet
Epicurean Cutting Surfaces