What is Plyboo?

Plyboo is bamboo architectural plywood and flooring manufactured by Smith & Fong Company, the most respected name in bamboo plywood and veneers. A sustainable, versatile and aesthetically pleasing building material, Plyboo can be used in a variety of applications, including interior wall cladding, countertops, flooring, retail displays, furniture construction and more.

Smith & Fong is fully committed to environmental sustainability, which is why Intectural is so pleased to offer Plyboo. In fact, Smith & Fong is the first bamboo company to offer Forest Stewardship Council (FSC)-certified bamboo flooring, plywood and veneer in the North American market and the only offering Soybond, a soy-based adhesive. Plyboo is also formaldehyde free and offers LEED credits.


  • Contributes to three LEED Credits
  • Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified
  • Low or no VOC adhesives
  • Formaldehyde free
  • Sheet sizes: 4’x8′ X 3/4″ thick
  • Available prefinished or unfinished


  • Interior Wall Cladding
  • Bamboo Countertops
  • Bamboo Flooring
  • Bamboo Retail Display
  • Furniture Construction


  • Dense and durable
  • Aesthetic grain
  • Multiple applications
  • Renewable

Plyboo Product Lines

Intectural carries Plyboo’s flat-grain and edge-grain style of bamboo plywood as well as the durable PlybooStrand panels. We also distribute Plyboo’s exclusive lines: The Reveal Collection, the Linear Line Collection and the PlybooSound Collection. Suitable for any interior feature, these exclusive product lines suggest the natural, tactile quality of textiles that are both curious and compelling. Reveal, Linear and PlybooSound panels are architecturally inspired to bring textures, colors, designs, and unique & stunning visual effects to any interior space.

Sheets are  4’x8′ X 3/4″ thick and available prefinished or finished. Note that images of materials below are a close representation of color and texture, but actual product color and texture may vary.

Plyboo Fractal Collection

Fractal Collection

Geometric and patterned bamboo wall panels

Fractal™ by Smith&Fong applies the use of compositional geometric figures, each part of which has the same proportional character as the whole. Exciting and interpretive this expressive panel series uses the discipline of isosceles triangles to create squares and nested geometric shapes that express infinite space by emphasizing line, color and light. The visual complexity of the Fractal™ compositions causes the eye to find forms beyond the geometry evoking ideas, events and emotions.

Available in natural colors as well as oiled Greige, Fog and Noir finishes to name a few, the Fractal™ line has a pallet to enhance any project.

Reveal Collection

Carved and textured bamboo wall panels

Plyboo’s Reveal Collection is a series of carved and textured bamboo panels. When carved, an interplay between the face layer and revealed inner core creates a stunning visual effect. Plyboo’s proprietary RealCore technology insures the revealed cores are consistent and that layers of bamboo material in bi-directional construction allow for stability. This artistic collection is available in eight patterns and color options.

PlybooSound Collection

Acoustical bamboo wall panels

The PlybooSound panel brings together the elegance of bamboo architectural designs with proprietary sound-dampening technology to help reduce ambient noise. Great for hospitality, public venues and large open work spaces. PlybooSound insures that exposed cores are consistent, and bidirectional construction allows for maximum stability. Available in eight patterns and colors.

Linear Line Collection

Inspired by the depth and movement of hand loomed fabric

The Linear Line Collection is made entirely of carved Plyboo bamboo panels, with a vertically fluted face layer revealing a uniquely graphic inner core. These intersecting surfaces harmoniously suggest the natural, tactile quality of a woven textile that is both curious and compelling. The Linear Line collection is suitable for any interior feature and is available in six architecturally inspired styles.


Plyboo’s flat-grain and edge-grain style of bamboo plywood captures the natural aesthetic of bamboo, with the bamboo node highly visible in its horizontal orientation. Ideal for both commercial and residential environments, Plyboo’s architectural-grade bamboo plywood offers excellent dimensional stability and can be glued or mechanically fastened using the same methods used on wood.

Plyboo Amber Edge Grain 3 Ply

Edge Grain Amber 3-Ply
Edge Grain Chocolate 3-Ply

Edge Grain Chocolate 3-Ply
Edge Grain Natural 3-Ply

Edge Grain Natural 3-Ply
Plyboo Edge Grain Natural Single-Ply

Edge Grain Natural Single-Ply
Flat Grain Amber 3-Ply

Flat Grain Amber 3-Ply
Plyboo Natural Flat Grain

Flat Grain Natural 3-Ply


PlybooStrand uses strand technology to turn 100% rapidly renewable bamboo into a beautiful yet exceptionally durable green building material for both commercial and residential use. Strand differs from typical bamboo material in that the bamboo is not cut into strips and laminated, but instead thrashed and pressed into dense logs. The logs are sliced and fabricated into plywood, creating a harder, denser material with an entirely new bamboo aesthetic.

Sahara Strand 3-Ply

Sahara Strand 3-Ply
Havana Strand 3-Ply

Havana Strand 3-Ply
Neopolitan 3-Ply

Neopolitan 3-Ply